Everything You Need to Know About 10 Oz Candle Jar

The candle jar is great to reduce the depletion of oxygen rapidly. Your candle doesn’t melt away speedily. And it’s not a simple candle jar but fragranced one. It spreads aroma and very good odor in your room or office. The 10 oz candle jar will definitely prove to be the elegant and classy addition to your home or office.

You can choose the one with your favorite odor like lavender, jasmine, rose or many other. In this era of electricity, you will be wondering that why to buy candle jars. There purpose has been excelled far from giving light. Now the modern decoration and setting ideas use them in order to give house a bohemian and classy look.

What is 10 Oz Candle Jar?

There are variety of different types of candle jars are available in market. That include round or square ones in different material like glass, metal, aluminum or ceramic ones. 10 oz candle jar is consider as an ideal one to keep in homes and offices. As its height is 4.25 inches and width 2.6 inches, it is ideal for home and offices. Its burn time is usually 65 hours. They are best for one who want to add a touch of class and sophistication to their home or office. Aroma helps some people to concentrate on their work and in meditation. So scented candle jars are best for them. Beside decoration you can also use them for gift purpose that will leave an impression on the person of your aesthetic sense.

Advantages of Candle Jar

In this era of electricity there are so many people who are still obsessed with candles. There are numerous candle holders but jars have their own significance.

Safe to use

one of the major benefits of candle jar is that they are safe to use. They are easy to handle and navigate even when they are burning. A jar candle is simply consisting of wax and wick.

Ideal for decoration

The candle jars are so well and beautifully designed even if they are not burning, they radiate a warmness. Many interior designers use candle jars for decor purpose. It attracts people and create a cozy environment. So, candle jars are ideal for decoration.

Relatively long burn time

Other than simple candles it doesn’t melt and drip easily. That’s why they an be burn for relatively a long period of time.

Nothing to clean

You can place jar candles anywhere like on table cloths that will not burn as there is no wax spill. And as it is mess free so you don’t need to worry about cleaning.

Jars can be reused

Once the jar candle got emptied, clean the left-over wax and jar is ready to be reused. You can reuse them either you can do some decoration or put your accessories in that jar.


The candle jars are available in variety of shapes in number of materials. They are quite popular due to their different aromas, used in interior decoration and warm and cozy environment that they produce.



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